Why Every Window Deserves to Shine

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Window Cleaning – Why Every Window Deserves to Shine

Window cleaning is the bane of most homeowners. In fact, people despise cleaning their windows so much simply because a lot of attention to detail goes into the process. Working in Lancaster PA, there are many homeowners that can relate to this feeling. After the colder months come around, it becomes even more essential that window washing is done.

The Cleaning Company Look

When a window is new, it is virtually clear. This allows us to enjoy peering out the window without seeing any dirt, grime or water streaks that occur naturally. Depending on where a person lives, their windows may need cleaning more than once every six months. However, six months is the norm for outside window cleaning. This allows all of the harmful buildup to be removed and leaves a window crystal clear.

As a Lancaster PA resident, there are times when the outside windows will need to be cleaned frequently. This is especially true during rainy months where the wind causes dirt to buildup quicker. However, there is more than an aesthetic reason for window cleaning. It also improves longevity. Let’s take a look at why every resident in Lancaster PA should have their windows cleaned:

  • Aesthetics: Windows that are clean are much more aesthetically pleasing. Not only are these windows flawless, but they will add to the overall appeal of a home.
  • Screen Cleaning:Window screens will often be filled with dirt and debris from not being cleaned. Professionals will be able to clean these screens, or homeowners can use a few at-home tips to get the job done.
  • Longevity: Not all rain is created equal. Acid rain and environmental contaminants will cause damage to a window over time. This is especially true with hard water and oxidation. By cleaning the exterior of the window, these contaminants will not be able to degrade a window’s durability.
  • Effectiveness: When the sun is shining bright in Lancaster PA, you want to be able to allow the sun to enter the home. This not only provides heat, but it is a great form of natural lighting. When windows are not clean or their screens are clogged, less natural sunlight enters the home.

A cleaning company is best suited for this job as they will be equipped with the appropriate chemicals and cleaning materials to ensure a window is dirt and grime free. This is something that can be virtually impossible for a homeowner in Lancaster PA to do on their own in a home that has more than one level.

Window cleaning will boost the overall longevity of windows as well as the aesthetic look that homeowners love. Not only will the glass itself be cleaned, but when a cleaning company does the job, they may notice many small repairs that cause your windows to be less effective. This means sealing problems that homeowners do not notice that lead to a reduction in the overall efficiency of a window.

A professional cleaning company may also offer further services to ensure your home is in pristine condition. Depending on the cleaning company, they may offer small repairs, roof cleaning as well as gutter and siding cleaning.


Window Cleaning Tips from a Professional Cleaning Company

Window cleaning is the one job most homeowners put off until it’s absolutely necessary. For Lancaster PA residents, hiring a cleaning company is the simplest and most effective way to tackle this spring cleaning chore. Let’s take a look at how the pros clean windows and what tools they use to get the job done.

The Tools

Any reputable Lancaster PA cleaning company will have a range of tools to clean and shine windows. Most of these items can be found in a local hardware store, but some are specialized pieces of equipment that are a bit harder to find.

  • Squeegee – This is the tool that comes to mind when most people think of window cleaning. A professionalwill use this tool to ensure windows are streak-free and sparkling. The ones used by pros differ from the ones you find at local gas stations. They use the highest quality squeegees for a streak-free shine.
  • Wand –Sometimes referred to as a ‘mop’ or ‘washer,’ this tool is used to actually wash the window. It’s not unlike the mops used to clean the floors in your home.
  • Scraper –In Lancaster PA, the winter months can be harsh on windows. This is where a scraper comes in handy. This tool can remove tough marks, dirt and grime with ease. It uses replaceable metal blades and resembles a razor.
  • Bucket and Detergent ­– Even pros use a good old fashioned bucket to hold their cleaning solution or detergent. A professional cleaning company will likely choose a bucket that is wide enough to fit both a mop and squeegee in. As far as detergents go, most professionals use Palmolive.
  • Microfiber Cloth – To clean the edges of the window, a microfiber cloth is used to eliminate streaks.

The Technique

Cleaning your windows like a professional Lancaster PA cleaning company is actually quite simple. It begins with a bucket filled with cold water and a wet mop. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Professionals will either squirt the detergent into the bucket of water or apply it directly to the mop itself.
  2. The wet mop is then rubbed onto the window to remove dirt and grime. If stubborn marks cannot be removed with simple window washing, a scraper may be used. The scraper blade should be moved in one direction to prevent the dirt and grime from scratching the glass.
  3. Once the dirt has been removed, it’s time to use the squeegee. Professionals use special squeegee techniques to remove streaks.
  4. The final step in the process is to use the microfiber cloth to wipe the edges of the window. The cloth is dry when used and easily removes any stubborn water marks.

While the job may sound easy enough, cleaning your home’s windows can be a tedious chore. This is why so many Lancaster PA homeowners choose to hire a professional window cleaning company each year. Having a team of window washers take on the job saves a great deal of time and frustration. Why do the job yourself when you can hire an experienced professional to do it for you?