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What is Ladderless Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Water-fed pole window cleaning is a revolutionary new form of window cleaning, which has transformed the industry
from men with dirty rags and squeegees into a high tech industry  At Mr Windows Cleaning, we believe that all our
customers should benefit from this great technology, so most windows are now done using our “Ladderless” Pure Water
Window Cleaning technology!

What is Pure Water?

Pure water is water that contains no mineral content or electrostatic charge. The water that comes out of your tap isn’t
really pure.  It contains lots of dissolved minerals (mainly calcium & magnesium), which if applied to glass without
purification would leave spots and streaks on the window.

We purify tap water for use in window cleaning by running it through an assortment of Deionization and Reverse
Osmosis filters to remove all impurities, electrostatic charges and minerals (Known as TDS – Total Dissolve Solids)

How does purified water actually clean my windows?

Pure water wants to return to its natural state, which is IMPURE!  When applied to your windows using our specialized
poles and monofilament brushes, it attracts dirt like a magnet, without the need for soap, surfactants or detergents.  Any
dried-on dirt is scrubbed off using our brushes.

Finally, after the dirt has been washed away, the window is rinsed with pure water, and since there is no TDS, the
window dries completely clear and without spots!

Your windows actually stay CLEANER for LONGER?

With traditional mop-and-squeegee window cleaning, a transparent film of soap is left on the window after cleaning.
Because it is soap, it keeps doing its job and continues to attract dirt to itself, meaning that your windows could get dirty
again rather quickly if exposed to the right environs.

There is a theory among professional window cleaners that with pure water cleaning, since no soap is used,  no deposit
is left behind to attract dirt, henceforth, your windows will actually stay CLEANER for a LONGER AMOUNT OF TIME!.

Environmentally Sound

Since no soap is used, there is no chemical runoff. In fact, plants LOVE pure water window cleaning, because by the
time the water used for window cleaning hits the ground, it has the chemical composition or rain water! :)

OH… guess what! There isn’t any extra charge for pure water window cleaning! If your glass fits the profile for
successful pure water window cleaning, we automatically use it ! It is actually safer (by far) for us to clean
windows with pure water because, for the most part, it keeps us off ladders entirely!

Imagine having your windows cleaned without the worry of workers falling off of ladders and dinging up your property…
Well, for your peace-of-mind (and to our insurance company’s delight)… we make that happen for you !

We are the only window washing company in Lancaster PA  to offer Slop Free window cleaning. We use PROFESSIONAL GRADE EQUIPMENT , and we use the MINIMAL AMOUNT OF WATER necessary to bring the sparkle out of your glass.

We care about your carpets, floors, window treatments, walls (and our reputation as well), so here at Mr Windows, we take
every precaution and utmost pride in keeping your home and possessions safe and clean, including:

to clean them.

– We allow ample time for screens and storm windows to dry
before we  replace them

– We use tarps clean ladder boots and fresh, clean scrubbers
for all high interior work

We Also  offers a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

on all our work. We are not happy unless YOU ARE. If there’s
something you aren’t 100%happy with, we do our best to meet your needs, and if that isn’t the case, we just won’t charge you for it!