How to Keep Your Windows Cleaner Longer

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How to Keep Your Windows Cleaner Longer

After a professional window cleaning, many Lancaster PA homeowners ask for tips on how they can keep their windows cleaner for longer. Even if you and your service provider have created a window washing schedule, you still want to get the most out of each cleaning. The tips below can help you keep your windows cleaner in between each session.

Have Exterior Mounted Screens Cleaned

If you have exterior mounted screenson your Lancaster PA home, you may want to consider having them cleaned when hiring a window cleaning service. These screens are a haven for pollen and dust. During a rain shower, all of this dust, pollen and dirt will wind up washing onto the glass and dirtying your windows.

Many homeowners in Lancaster PA choose to remove these screen during the winter and store them away until spring. Even during the summer, you can remove these screens from windows you never open. By removing these screens, you can help keep your windows cleaner in between your professional window washing sessions.

Use Your Kitchen’s Exhaust Fan While Cooking

Many homeowners are under the impression that rain and extreme weather are the cause of dirty windows. Although the weather can be extreme in Lancaster PA, air pollutants are often the cause of dirty windows. Keeping your kitchen’s exhaust fan running while you cook can help minimize fumes and airborne oils. By minimizing indoor pollutants, you can make your window washing sessions go further.

Keep Sprinklers Away from Windows

Lancaster PA homeowners use sprinklers to keep their lawns green and healthy. If your windows are in the path of your sprinklers, you may mistakenly assume that you are helping to keep your windows clean.

Unfortunately, the water from your sprinkler system will cause mineral deposits to form on the glass. These deposits can stain your windows. Even with regular window washing, these stains can wind up etching the glass and causing irreparable damage.

Keep Bushes and Trees Away from Windows

Landscaping is part of what makes your Lancaster PA home looking beautiful, but bushes and trees that are too close to your windows may render your window cleaning sessions useless. Pollen from these plants can build up on your windows in the same way dust or dirt can.

If you have trees and bushes near your home, make sure that they are trimmed away from the windows before each window washing service. This will help reduce the amount of pollen that builds up on the glass and keep your windows looking cleaner for longer. This is especially important during the spring and summer when pollen becomes a major issue in Lancaster PA.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Regardless of what kind of heating/cooling system your Lancaster PA home has, you will need to change the air filter regularly. Keeping your air filter clean will help minimize indoor pollutants and dust. Not only will this help keep your windows cleaner, but it will also help create a healthier indoor environment as well.

Keep Your Sills and Frames Clean

One of the simplest and easiest ways to keep your Lancaster PA windows looking their best is to simply wipe down your window sills and frames each week. A simple damp rag is all you need for the job. Make sure that you open up the window to really get down deep into the cracks and corners of the window sill. This is where most of the dirt, debris and dust collects. Keeping your sill and frames clean is a simple and straightforward way to make your professional window cleaning session go further.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

When you hire a Lancaster PA window cleaning company, you may also want to consider hiring a professional to clean your gutters as well. Gutters divert water away from your roof and prevent the rain water from hitting your windows.

Over time, debris can clog your gutters and prevent them from doing their job properly. Instead of diverting rain water away, the rain will hit your windows instead. Not only can this cause water spots, but mineral deposits as well. In time, this can cause permanent damage to your windows.

Clean Your Windows Properly

On average, most homeowners use a professional Lancaster PA window cleaning service two to three times per year.For some, this is the only time their windows are cleaned. To truly keep your windows sparkling clean throughout the year, you must clean your windows regularly.

Interior windows should be cleaned once every week or two. This is where most of the airborne dust, dirt and pollutants accumulate. Exterior window washing can be done less often. In most cases, it is safer to simply hire a professional to clean the exterior of your windows.

Hiring a professional Lancaster PA window cleaning company is the best way to keep your windows looking their best. Using the tips above, you can make the most out of each cleaning session and help keep your windows looking clean in between each service.