How To Clean Your Windows Like The Pros!

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How To Clean Your Windows Like The Pros!

In all reality, its recommended that you have your windows cleaned at least two times a year. The biggest reason home owners think cleaning windows is such a chore, is due to the neglected dirt. This grime and dirt builds up on your windows over time and takes so much more effort to remove with the old fashion paper towels and Windex method. But the professionals use a squeegee.

“That paper towel and windex is just shuffling the dirt around to the corners” , says Seth S, a professional window cleaner from Lancaster pa. All that is happening is the windows have a uniform amount of dirt on the glass, now all the dirt just have been pushed to the outer edges and the filth will just build up over time, making it hard for the windows to ever be perfect cleaned again.

It is more effective to clean glass like a professional. The techniques aren’t complicated, and the results may knock you off your feet. Your going to need to start with a squeegee and lint free clothes.

Clean Windows Give Home Owners a Sense Of Peace

There is nothing like having the natural light shine in a house with freshly cleaned windows. honestly there is not a better feeling, especially once the transitions from winter to spring hits. So many home owners in, Lancaster PA, compliment the beauty and glimmer of their freshly cleaned windows.
Here are some basic steps on how to clean your windows.
You will need a squeegee, a strip washer and a bucket for your window cleaning solution. Your solution can be warm water and a few drops of dish washing liquid, this allows to lift and grease of the windows, and allows the squeegee to glide across the glass. The strip washer is a uniform way of applying pressure to the glass while also agitating the dirt. You will also need some lint free clothes to wipe any excess water from the frames and sills.

Step By Step Window Cleaning Guide

Starting at the top left, pull the squeegee over the soapy pane in a reverse-Z At the end of each stroke, wipe the squeegee’s blade clean with a lint-free rag. Old surgical towels , or terre clothes are great for this.
Remove any water remaining on the edges of the glass with a damp, chamois, which soaks up wetness without leaving streaks. Its recommended to use and older towel to dry the sills since they will be the dirties and get the worst.
Cleaning a true divided light windows now take a little more prep work. You are going to need to cut your squeegee channel down into a size that fits between the frame.
Trime the brass squeegee channel on quarter inch narrower than the window pane, then files the cut edges smooth. When you are done, you will take and feed the squeegee rubber through the channel and cut off the excess but leave one eighth inch on each end.
Now you can use a sponge, or a smaller strip washer to scrub the windows to get them nice and clean. Take your squeegee and rinse and repeat the other steps listed above.
There is one other solution to all of this. you can hire a professional window cleaning company in Lancaster PA, by calling our number listed above.